The Northview Leads Residency Program commits to equipping emerging leaders as they prepare for a vocation in ministry. This 2 year part-time program is a catalyst in developing dynamic leaders who are prepared to fulfill God’s commission for their life. The Residents are matched to Northview ministry leaders who will coach and mentor the Resident in the area of ministry in which they are passionate. Residents also have the opportunity to apply to an exclusive graduate degree program in Ministry offered through Taylor University.

By taking part in a Resident’s life over their time in the program, you are contributing immeasurably to their success now and in the future… ultimately having an impact upon all whom the Residents will serve in their vocation of ministry!

The Northview Leads Residency Program provides a modest stipend for our Residents; however, many participants will still need to work part-time outside of their Residency commitment. By matching our Residents with great hosts, we are able to promote their growth while preventing financial hardship.

We believe that by opening the doors to your home, you will be opening doors leading to Christ in the lives of others through the future work of our Residents. Hosts are at the foundation of our Residents’ success. We hope our Host and Resident pairings find a mutual benefit in establishing long-lasting a relationship beyond the duration of the Residency Program.

Great Hosts are committed to God and to the mission of Northview Church. We find that great hosts may have even identified spiritual gifts in Hospitality, Helps, Discipleship or Mercy. They are also able to make a commitment to provide a home for the Resident for the duration of time identified by the Host.

The Northview Leads Residency Program is a 2 year commitment for Residents. It is our objective to reduce the stress and shuffle of our Residents between homes so they can focus on their development. We are looking for Hosting commitments starting at 6 months in length with the ability to extend to 1 year, 18 months or even the full 2 years of your Resident’s commitment.

Our Residents begin the program at three different times per year in January, June and September, you may decide after hosting a Resident that you could accommodate another Resident of the same gender. Please connect with your Northview Leads Residency Team if you would like to explore hosting another Resident. On occasion, we may have newly married Residents without children who would benefit from being hosted in a Host’s guesthouse.

Host Homes should provide a private space (room, basement, mother-in-law suite, guest house) which is furnished with essentials (bed, linens, dresser etc). Host home environments should be safe and clean of clutter and allow for the Resident to be able to store groceries, prepare meals, utilize common spaces and laundry facilities. Residents should not be expected to contribute to utilities or internet costs. We also hope that Hosts will be inviting of their Resident to partake in meals, activities or conversation. These interactions are not required but will create a rich, comfortable experience for Host and Resident.

Hosts are not expected to provided transportation for their Resident. Residents are expected to have their own transportation; adequate parking should be available at the Host Home.

The Northview Leads Residency Team will be checking in with Hosts throughout their hosting commitment to ensure Hosts and Residents are comfortable and benefiting from their experience. Hosts will be connected with the Northview Leads Residency Team and may connect with them anytime by email or phone. Please allow for 24 hours to respond for non-emergent communication.

If you feel a connection to hosting a Resident in the Northview Leads Residency Program please prayerfully consider submitting your information following the link below to speak with a team member about taking the next steps in this journey!