Northview Leads Residency

Suppose you are a young leader with God-sized dreams in your heart for serving in His Church, and you’re looking for your next step to gain vital ministry experience. In that case, the Northview Residency may be for you! Our two-year program, led by Northview’s experienced and supportive church leaders, offers hands-on ministry experience, personalized mentoring, leadership, and discipleship training while emphasizing healthy ministry habits to sustain you for a lifetime. Now, through a partnership with Taylor University, you can also earn a Master of Arts in Ministry degree.  

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The Northview Residency is a support-based program. Through our partnership with Reliant, each resident will be trained to raise the funding necessary to live while participating in the two-year program. 

While each resident has different needs to support them, we suggest $35,000 - $40,000 per year. 

A representative of Reliant will partner with the resident to develop a plan for raising funds and provide training along the way. 

Find out more about Reliant at this link .

Each Northview Resident will have the opportunity to earn their Masters of Arts in Ministry (MA.M.) through Taylor University. 

This coursework will help you develop a biblically-based ministry philosophy. 

We believe that combining classroom learning with real-life ministry opportunities will broaden your residency experience and serve you well for years to come. 

Each resident will need to fill out a separate application to Taylor University. Acceptance to the Northview Residency does not guarantee acceptance into the Taylor MA.M. program and vice versa. 

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Resident positions are available in

• Worship Ministry

• Pastoral Ministry

• Video Production

• Weekend Services

• Church Operations

• Northview Kids

• Northview Students

• Local & Global Outreach

• Small Groups & Serving Teams

• Special Needs

• Leadership Development

• Communications


Northview Church is committed to investing in emerging leaders and provides the following for each resident:

• Offer of a $6000 scholarship to all residents who pursue the TU degree

• All expenses paid for an annual residents’ retreat

• An invitation to participate in the annual Northview Leads Conference

• Partial scholarship to participate in a GO Trip experience to serve at the Guatemala Leadership Academy


These are the essential qualifications for all residents*:

• Expresses a clear call to ministry

• College graduate (or clearly on their way)

• Clear and compelling leadership potential

* Committed to a full-time residency experience including, weekly meetings, ministry area assignments, and other growth opportunities.

• Some ministry experience

• Appropriate maturity and work ethic

• Aligns with our ministry philosophy, theology, culture, and staff

• Has their own transportation

• Has their own health insurance

*Meet Taylor University’s qualifications for admission into the MA in Ministry program.


The Northview Residency is designed to be full-time 40-50 hours a week. This will make having an additional job difficult to sustain and keep a proper balance. That is why during the support-raising training thinking through what would be necessary to sustain the financial support and all the expenses associated with living in the Indianapolis area is vital. Some things to consider are:

*Rent (living alone or with roommates)

*Insurance (health and vehicle)

*Additional personal expenses (medications, etc)

The on-boarding dates for our residency are in January and September.

  • Fill out the application with Reliant
  • Phone interview
  • Interview with Residency Director
  • If possible visit Northview Church location.
  • References checked
  • Interview with the prospective coach and members of his/her team 

Yes, we have married residents in the program. 

Ready To Apply?

If you are ready to begin you can apply for our September CoHort by clicking here

The Northview Residency has two CoHort start dates: Each fall in September and each January. 
For the September start date, the application deadline is June 30th
For the January start date, the application deadline is October 31st.