What is Baptism


Baptism is the outward expression of your inward decision to follow Jesus Christ. Baptism symbolizes going to from death to life. In Romans 6, we are taught that in the same way Jesus died and was buried, our old way of life is put to death and buried with Him as we are submerged under water. Then, like Christ, we come out of the water to new life and new way of living just as Jesus resurrected to new life on the third day. This public faith ceremony allows us as Christians to individually follow and surrender to Jesus’ example and lordship.

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Please note parents of kids 4th grade and under - there is a required parent class in addition to the Tuesday Baptism Class referenced below.

** Anderson will have their Baptism Class on the Monday before for Jan.

Experience baptism at Northview by watching below.

Baptism by immersion: At Northview, we believe in baptism by immersion. The Greek word baptize, where we get our word baptize, means to plunge, dip or immerse in water. Following Jesus’ example, we baptize through water submersion.

Baptism instructions: Invite your family and friends to celebrate with you! Baptism is a public celebration of what Jesus has done in your life. We want everyone to celebrate with you! - The day of, please bring: - A towel - Wear dark clothing for baptism. Often, ladies will wear a swimsuit under their clothing. - Dry clothes to change into after baptism

Available at the church: Plastic bags for wet clothing - Dressing areas

Are your elementary-aged kids asking you questions about faith and baptism? If so, this online class is for you! This class is an important part of the Northview Family Framework and is designed to help parents learn how to talk with their kids about salvation and baptism. NOTE: this class is a requirement for parents whose children wish to be baptized (4th grade and younger). For any questions, please contact your Northview Kids Director.

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