What is Baptism

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Please note parents of kids 4th grade and under - there is a required parent class you can take online, follow the link below. 

Baptism by immersion: At Northview, we believe in baptism by immersion. The Greek word baptize, where we get our word baptize, means to plunge, dip or immerse in water. Following Jesus’ example, we baptize through water submersion.

Baptism instructions: Invite your family and friends to celebrate with you! Baptism is a public celebration of what Jesus has done in your life. We want everyone to celebrate with you!

The day of, please bring:

  • A towel
  • Wear dark clothing for baptism. Often, ladies will wear a swimsuit under their clothing.
  • Dry clothes to change into after baptism

Available at the church: We'll provide a Baptism shirt, extra towels, changing areas and a space to keep your personal items during service. 

Are your elementary-aged kids asking you questions about faith and baptism? If so, the Faith Commitment & Baptism Class is for you! This class is an important part of the Northview Family Framework and is designed to help parents learn how to talk with their kids about salvation and baptism.

This class is a requirement for parents whose children wish to be baptized (4th grade and younger). After you complete either the in-person class or the online class, please be sure to register your child to be baptized when you feel your child is ready. For any questions, please contact your Northview Kid's Director.

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