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April 21, 2020

In the Throws Of the Don't-Knows: How to Cope With Fear
I’m watching the news, trying to pay attention to the statistics and warnings, when I suddenly realize the butterflies are starting in my stomach. I feel like I need to do something, go somewhere, prepare somehow. My heart races, my breath quickens. But I am paralyzed. Where do I start? I need help. Who has the answers? Have you had any of these symptoms lately? Are you in the throws of the don’t-knows—lost in the weeds of the what-ifs? In the past two weeks, I have found myself here more than I care to admit. Even when I try to limit the news or social media, anxiety just sneaks up on me. I go to grab something out of the pantry to snack on and question if I have enough food for my family. I turn the corner to see my kids in our makeshift school room, and I question if I have what it takes to be their teacher, mother, and pastor. The things in my life that seemed so certain are suddenly so uncertain. But God! He is my weapon over fear. He is how I cope—His word, His promises, worshiping him, praying to him. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His grace is enough. His strength is my shield. His wisdom guides me. His love is faithful. His presence is present. He is who helps me. He is who comforts me. He has the answers to my questions. I remind myself who God is, and my heart beats fast with anticipation of the spirit. I remember all the other times God has conquered the darkness in my life, and the I-don’t-knows turn into the He-knows! Lord, Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that soothes my weary heart. Thank You for all the ways You have provided for me in my life. I ask that every scripture I have ever read would rise up in my heart, that Your word would sit on the tip of my tongue. Help me to concentrate on You and Your ways. Keep me focused on the plan that You have for me. Give me the strength to not turn to fear first but faith first. Heal our world of this virus. Amen.

by Katie Spittal


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