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November 23, 2020

Find Little Moments That Matter: Family Christmas Activities To Do At Home

Christmas is a season full of joy, love and warmth. It’s the season we show others acts of kindness, share gifts and send cards to remind them of our care. This year has been difficult for all of us, and there is nothing we need more than Christmas cheer to spread light to everyone. We need this time of year where we can put our differences aside to be together in the little moments that matter.

With Christmas looking a little different, many of us will be staying home instead of traveling. There will also be many events cancelled that we usually do with our families, such as the Christkindlmarkt, Lights at the Brickyard and even new movies at the theater. To help keep spirits up, I’ve put together a list of some fun and festive Christmas activities to do while staying home this year.
Bake and Decorate Christmas Cookies
This is a pastime favorite of mine—the kitchen aroma of warm cookies baking and sweet icing in the air. The best part is passing them out to friends, family or neighbors! You can also decorate a gingerbread house or make reindeer treats with kids.
Go on a Christmas Scavenger Hunt
This one can be for adults and kids. All you have to do is have the host hide a bunch of Christmas-related items in random places around the house. Pass out a list or a map, then team up or do it solo. The winner wins a present!
Watch Christmas Movies
Sometimes staying in with a cup of hot chocolate and Christmas movies is all we need. You can even create a hot chocolate bar to make it extra fun with peppermint, marshmallows and whipped cream.
Read the Christmas Story
There’s nothing better than sitting down together by the fire and reading the story of the night Jesus was born. You can even read the children’s version for kids, so they can begin to learn the deeper meaning of Christmas.
Donate to a Toy Drive
I’ve heard this one a few times before, and I always think it is a great idea for kids. Have them go through their toys and get rid of anything they have outgrown or no longer pick out. Then bring the toys to donate! You can also do this for yourself with clothes, furniture or kitchenware.
Play Christmas Song Bingo
This one is sure to get you in the spirit of Christmas. There are a lot of free pintables online, or you can make your own. This is something you can do throughout the day or while unwrapping presents. The first to bingo wins a prize!
Notice Daily Blessings
For the 25 days leading up to Christmas, write down one thing that you are grateful for each day. Then on Christmas Day, read it aloud to remember all the little joys we often take for granted. It can help us keep our focus on God while we often stress about to-do lists and preparing. It can also remind us that not all presents come wrapped in a box.
There are so many fun activities to do for Christmas, even beyond the common ones like decorating the house or yard, putting up a tree and sending out Christmas cards. I’ve put together ideas that I know everyone will enjoy and that will hopefully take your mind off the crazy year we’ve had. I hope you can truly enjoy the peace and joy of this holiday season and the true meaning of why we celebrate it: the birth of Jesus.

by Brandi Yakubov


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