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Describe your life before Christ (struggles, insecurities, habits, etc.). What circumstances lead you to place your trust in Christ? After you committed to Him how have you been changed?

Now that you have shared your faith journey, please think of 3 words that would describe your life before Christ and 3 words that could describe your life now, after Christ. At the class, we will provide you with time and supplies to create a cardboard sign. Side 1 will be before Christ and side 2 will be after Christ. This cardboard sign will be a part of your baptism.

Here are some examples to get you thinking about it: side 1 - broken, empty, restless / side 2 - healed, full, peaceful, or another example might be: side 1 - sad, afraid, unsure / side 2 - happy, secure, sure. Prayerfully consider what you wish to share about your story and fill in the words below.