Prayer and Fasting | January 9-29

Northview Family,

Every new year comes with the hope of a fresh start and a renewed sense of determination for reaching personal goals. Imagine what it would be like in 3 weeks from now, 6 months, or next year if we, as a body of believers spent time focusing on what the Lord is doing and giving our first 21 days to talking with, listening to and sacrificing for Him.

I am so excited for our Northview family to join together in 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. It’s my hope that you will experience the power of God in a whole new way as you commit to a time of intentional devotion to God. I believe that over the course of the next few weeks we will grow as a stronger community and that you will grow in your personal relationship with Christ.

God is up to something big and each of us get to be a part of making a Kingdom impact. I encourage you to lean into daily prayer and fasting, lean on God and trust that He has a plan for you for your life and then let’s live it out.


What is Fasting?

Prayer connects you with God, while fasting disconnects you from the world.

Worship Nights

One night can change everything. Join us for a life-giving and sacred evening as Pastor CJ and Northview Worship travel to a campus near you and lead us into the presence of God. Click below to view our Worship Night schedule!

Share Your Story

How have you seen God at work?

We would love to hear how this time has helped you!